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BMW Developer Program

BMW Mini Monochrome Logo (Unofficial)

Launched in 2010 on MINI Connected, the BMW Apps Platform is a program geared at increasing the functionality of vehicles after they were made.  In a smartphone world, this sounds trivial, but in the automotive environment, this was revolutionary.  The teams involved built a platform that would eventually be implemented across iOS and Android devices enabling companies like Audible, Glympse, Pandora, MOG (now Apple Music), Stitcher, GoPro, Aupeo, Spotify and many more to integrate BMW & MINI connectivity into their smartphone applications.

Operating as a premium-closed program, the team conducted business development, integrations and PR exercises to build brand awareness and reinforce BMW & MINI’s technological domination in the market.  Highlighting integrations at automotive-industry events and private press events the team was able to help BMW add a new dimension to their brand perception.

To learn more about building a developer program with a keen focus on premium user experience, contact us for more information.

Please note: Hakungala, Inc. is not affiliated with BMW GmbH. or its affiliates. This page represents a body of work conducted by member(s) of Hakungala, Inc.’s team. All information presented here comes from media representation of the BMW Apps Platform, BMW Connected Drive, MINI Connected and Rolls Royce Connect.