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Hakungala, Inc.

Phil’s Story

Back in 2008, I built a company similar to PayPal. 2008 was the recession, I had no marketing skills nor a budget, so traditional “Paid Advertising” was not an option (e.g. Ads on Google). I had to find another way. This lead to content marketing as a way to get the word out, but structuring that process was the first challenge. I could easily write one blog post but, “how was I to write hundreds?” At the same time, I found that my documentation got a lot of traffic, right along with my tutorials. Strategic blog posts, tutorials, documentation and marketing of that content were the right mix that we needed at the time to drive real business.

I doubled down on these “non-paid” strategies to build practical marketing workflows and developer relations activities that would sustainably and organically bring developers through the door and convert them into paying customers.

By identifying where our potential developers were looking for and engaging with content, we were able to build content that resonated with them and convert them into not just buyers but friends and advocates.

Fast forward, after figuring out the right mix of marketing activities and workflows for BMW & GoPro, I am now helping other companies build, scale and attract new developers to their products and services.

These are just some of the skills I have acquired over the years and would be happy to share:

Developer Relations / Developer Programs
– Building a self-service environment for Developers
– Go to Market
– Scaling
– Product Management
Product Management & Market Research
– Building products based on search intent
– Organic go to market strategy & implementation
– Trends and competitor analysis based on web traffic
– Product growth and monetization
Getting Discovered on the Internet
– Organic discovery strategies for SEO/SEM
– Traffic Acquisition Planning
– Tool Recommendation
– Keyword Research & Education
– Reporting
Acquiring Organic Web Traffic
– Build sustainable web traffic to your developer relations site.
– Web Application Review for SEO
– Website Tactical SEO Review & Strategy
– Tactical Reporting & Consulting Services
Positioning and Messaging
– Develop messaging and tone for developers
– Offer Crafting
– Messaging Review
– Market Analysis
Content Marketing
– Technical & non-technical content marketing research and execution
– Keyword Research
– Content Planning
– Process Establishment

If you are interested in getting in touch, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.