Helping Marketers Communicate to Developers

Organic Web Traffic

Build sustainable web traffic to your developer relations site.


Positioning & Messaging

Develop messaging and tone for developers

Technical Content Marketing

Technical content marketing research and execution


Discovery Services

Implement organic discovery strategies for SEO/SEM and keyword research

Our Story

Building a company similar to PayPal back during the 2008 recession, started the passion for working without a marketing budget or customers willing to fork over any money to move forward.

This served as a simple nudge to build practical marketing programs and developer relations activities that would organically (not through the use of paid ads) bring in customers. By identifying where our customers were looking for and engaging with content we were able to build technical content and convert them into loyal buyers down the line.

Fast forward, after building BMW & GoPro’s developer relations programs we are now helping other companies build, scale and attract new developers organically.

If you are interested in building your developer network for the longterm and organically please reach out to us at connect@hakungala.com.