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Posted on Dec 11, 2016

Nov. 11, 2016 — Hakungala, Inc. today introduces the BRZO app (iPhone & iPad) for automotive enthusiasts looking to purchase their next car or truck. BRZO dramatically simplifies the process of finding, evaluating and sharing craigslist ads, establishing BRZO as the solution for automotive enthusiasts on craigslist.

Never before has an app served the automotive enthusiast industry like BRZO. Combining fine-tuned search input, statistical displays and easy one-handed operation. BRZO has quickly established itself as the go-to mobile phone application for searching the “Cars & Trucks” category on craigslist.

Hakungala Inc.’s President & Founder, Phil Johnston also an automotive enthusiast says he built the app for himself, but his friends and other enthusiasts begged and pleaded with him to release it so that they could take advantage of the simplicity, speed and power of BRZO.

“BRZO is the perfect app for finding the diamond in the rough, determining if it is a good deal and arming enthusiasts with the confidence to move forward on a purchase. All this an on your iPhone! What’s not to love!”

Mr. Johnston adds, “I built this as a tool when I was restoring a vintage car and I was doing my research to see if there was a market for the car. Searching via the web was time consuming and I wanted something that worked into my on-the-go lifestyle and nationwide. Boom, there you go! BRZO”

Focusing on the automotive enthusiasts market, BRZO aims to provide the best tool for searching for the perfect car or truck on craigslist. By combining modern the power of craigslist, the mobility of a mobile device and the targeting of automotive enthusiasts, BRZO can provide a curated search experience that provides knowledge and speed to those on the go.

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Hakungala, Inc. is transforming the way automotive enthusiasts arm themselves with tools, knowledge and power when it comes to cars & trucks.. What began as a simple research tool has proved to be an invaluable piece of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, Hakungala is working to establish itself as the standard for how people engage in their passion for cars & trucks. From that first car, professional to consumer, Hakungala enables the world to find and share its passion for cars and trucks.
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