Porsche Carrera 4S

Posted on Jun 15, 2016
Porsche Carrera 4S

Leading up until December of last year (2015) I had three hobbies, tinkering with cars, learning to drive fast and writing software for car enthusiasts. After December, I had 1 hobby, tinkering with cars. Specifically my BMW E46 330i Manual. Originally I purchased the E46 in hopes of eventually converting it into a SpecE46 race car, but until that happened, I would daily it on my 70 mile commute. Not a bad commute car, actually the process of restoring the entire vehicle was quite soothing with little hiccups along the way except for the throwout bearing going bad twice.

The race car (1991 Spec Miata) is in mothballs and the software had been published so basically I had nothing to do except continue to return the E46 back to driving-stock. This project list included everything from all new fluids (engine, diff, power steering), new shocks, struts, front lower control arms, tie-rod ends, Vanos rebuild, anti-sway bar bushings, drop links, tires, brakes, interior plastic bits, black license plates, paint clean up, cooling system refresh (all hoses), filters, light upgrade H7’s, and the list goes on. The general problem though is that the majority of this work happened before the arrival of my kids! So basically there’s little left to fix except for the shot differential to subframe carrier bushing which I have the tools and it’s just a matter of time before is completed.

In my fleet I have a few other vehicles that get serviced from time to time but really no projects left so I started working on my software again. The app called, “BRZO Craigslist Market Analysis for Cars & Trucks” is an app that I built to feed my addiction for looking at Craigslist and comparing / contrasting different vehicles for sale. It turns out that addiction leads to another problem, you need to find the best deal make sure you aren’t getting screwed! The BRZO app does this really well and we have a small but growing audience of enthusiasts who are very happy with the app.

But now what, I’ve got a set of twins a bunch of vehicles that are not as fun to drive as my Spec Miata on the track and time on my hands. In a conversation with my father, I said something that stuck with me throughout the purchase process, “I want to find a car that’s worth putting my time into” and simply put not really any of the vehicles in my fleet fit the bill. Currently we have a 2005 Land Rover LR3 (baby vehicle), 2013 MINI Countryman S (wife’s vehicle), 2001 E46 330i, 1995 Miata (track car) and a 1991 Spec Miata. Recently we just sold a 1961 Jaguar XKE Open Two Seater which was my prior project car. I was looking for something not quite as nice so that I could have fun and not worry about parking at the grocery store.

So with that I started looking, I worked with my friends over at Driving While Awesome who in turn dedicated an entire “Padcast” to my search and recommended some really compelling vehicles based on my criteria. But eventually I settled on the Porsche 996 Carrera 4S.

So why the Carrera 4S (C4S)? Basically it’s the rear end of the vehicle and the all-wheel drive system. For me the broad shoulders, the red-reflective strip on the engine cover and the clean lines are classic and timeless. The all-wheel drive system is perfect for me because I prefer a wet weather drive over a dry one any day. The suspension is ported over from the Turbo along with the brake package. Porsche did make a fair number of them and a lot of them were cabrio’s but the coupe has always had a special place in my heart. Some, well many would argue that “oh the headlights are atrocious” well that’s where they would be right, but hey it’s a lot of car and when I’m parking the rear sticks out!

So why is this vehicle a topic of discussion on Hakungala.com? Well, I plan on publishing every detail of the vehicles history, problems, high-points and lows so that others understand what an ownership experience of having a 996 C4S really is and not just the horror stories found on the forums. My gut feeling is that this car will be pretty reliable, it’s been well taken care of and adult owned.